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We’re experiencing a fire issue. This is no drill. Stop fucking blaring that thing you call music. And stop, for the love of God, honking your horn numerous times. You’re not cute.

"Give her jewelry."

What the fuck? How the fuck is that intimate? I’m sorry for the language, but honestly?

My Friday night is spent doing homework.
True story.

My Friday night is spent doing homework.

True story.

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Now that I have all of my stuff back, I’m thinking a bonfire is in order.
Who wants s’mores?

Now that I have all of my stuff back, I’m thinking a bonfire is in order.

Who wants s’mores?

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Well, more like a friendship. 

But I couldn’t continue. Our friendship was hurting my relationship with my boyfriend. Our friendship was hurting the relationship with my mother and I. Our friendship was hurting both of us.

He was suffocating me and I cracked. I couldn’t take the control.

I miss him, but I know both of our lives will be better like this. And I feel like a horrible person for saying such a thing, but he wanted more and I just couldn’t give more.

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Stop waiting until the last second to do your homework. This “lack of sleep” thing is killing me.

I keep turning my alarm clock off in my sleep. Over and over. And I keep almost missing my classes.

Well, today I missed a class.

Two classes to be exact.

I need a new alarm clock that scares the shit out of me.

Just happened to me.

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To Looooouisiana…

Alright, I’m going to stop typing like that. But I am leaving now at this ungodly hour of seven AM. I think we’re driving for about 9 to 10 hours and I get half…so that leaves me with 4.5-5 hours of DRIVING.

Yeah. I’m pumped.


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That’s what it has been like for me these past few days with my mother. Everything I do is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Let’s see what I have done wrong lately:

  • My mother told me to be home at three today so we could go get my bangs trimmed—not like we couldn’t have done it. I get home and I eat and I shower for the appointment. The appointment is at four. The clock says 3:58 when we leave the house. Our stylist is always late for our appointment, so I know it’s cool. But does that matter? No. I get a royal chewing out session on the way to the salon. We arrive at 4:04 and guess what. She’s still working on a client for another ten minutes.
  • I’ve been the only one eating left overs at our house because my mom is on this crazy diet, my father is out of the country, and my brother decides to make his own shit. I decide to warm up some soup for dinner. But it needed something. I warmed up some pizza rolls with it…Bad idea. World War XXXXXXXIX for this house exploded because I didn’t pick something from the fridge. I chose from the freezer.
  • I was going to leave my house in a few minutes to drop off some things to a few friends and return home shortly there after. She decides that I do not deserve this privilege and I must remain home and my friends can drive here if they want their things. This declaration comes due to the fact that she is apparently still pissed about us being late today.

I can’t stand this. I really can’t. And, yes, I know, it could be worse. But I’ve been dealing with shit like this for the past 18 years. I’ve had it.

I want out.

Sorry for the rant. I needed to let it out somewhere.

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